Friday, May 23, 2008

Find duplicate images with Dup Detector

The crowd has spoken. We featured an application earlier today that lets you compare images in your library to find dupicate pictures. And a whole bunch of you wrote in to let us know that Dup Detector does the same thing, only better. So we checked it out and you're kind of right, and you're kind of not.
Dup Detector is certainly faster than DupliFinder. And it has many more features. But it's possible it has a few too many features. It took us a couple of minutes to figure out how to load a folder. Once we did, Dup Detector scanned over 2000 images in a bout a minute. When we clicked the Find dups button, the program processed them in a matter of seconds.
For the record, here's how to load a single folder:
Select the Get data tag
Click Build
Click Browse
Navigate to the folder of your choice
Click OK
Selet the Find dups tab
Click Find dups

Select the View Dups tab to actually see the duplicates
You can change the algorithm for detecing similar images. But this is where DupliFinder excels. It does an excellent job of finding images that actually bear a resemblance to one another, while Dup Detector wil spit out a bunch of pictures with similar colors. In other words, if you have a lot of pictures with white backgrounds, Dup Detector will count them as duplicates. You can avoid this by setting the "Dup if within" percentage to something near 100%.

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