Tuesday, July 8, 2008

LIRe: Lucene Image Retrieval

Mathias Lux and Savvas Chatzichristofis paper "LIRe: Lucene Image Retrieval" has been accepted to the ACM Multimedia 2008 Open Source Software Competition.

LIRe is a Java library for content based image retrieval. LIRe extracts image features from raster images and stores them in a Lucene index for later retrieval. LIRe also provides means for searching the index. LIRe is intended for developers, who want to integrate content based image retrieval features in their applications. Due to the simplicity of the approach (no database and only a few lines of code are needed to integrate LIRe) it is an easy way to test the capabilities of classical CBIR approaches for single application domains. Also the integration of additional image features is possible easily to further extend the functionality of LIRe. Currently the following image features are included in LIRe:

Basic color histograms in RGB and HSV
MPEG-7 descriptors scalable color, color layout and edge histogram.
Tamura Features
Color and edge directivity descriptor, CEDD
Huang’s AutoColorCorrelation feature

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