Friday, November 28, 2008


Yottalook™ is a free radiology-centric web search engine the provides desicion support at the point of care using proprietary relevance and ranking algorithms by iVirtuoso. Yottalook™ is designed to provide the practicing radiologists the most important and most relevant information they need at the time of patient care.
Core Technologies

Yottalook™ is based on core technologies developed by iVirtuoso to achieve optimized search results. First is automated analysis of the search term to understand what the radiolgist is trying to look for - this core technology is called "natural query analysis".

Yottalook™ has also developed a thesaurus of medical terminologies that not only identifies synonyms of terms but also defines relationships between terms. This second core technology is called "semantic ontology" and is based on existing medical ontologies that have been enhanced by iVirtuoso, such as RadLex - A Lexicon for Uniform Indexing and Retrieval of Radiology Information Resources developed by the Radiology Society of North America.
Third core technology is "relevance algorithm" for image search that differentiates medical terms from other words in text associated with medical images and uses them to create ranking for Yottalook image search.
The fourth core technology is a specialized content delivery system called "Yottalinks" that provides high yield content based on the search term. This content may also be provided by a third party vendor licensing Yottalook search. Yottalook™ can be integrated with any web based medical application so that context relevant information is provided to the physician at the point of care.

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