Thursday, January 22, 2009

SharpGL: a C# OpenGL class library

Article from Codeproject

Use OpenGL in your C# applications with SharpGL, it's a breeze! Just drag an OpenGLControl onto your Windows Form and handle the 'OpenGLDraw' function - now just call ordinary OpenGL functions!

SharpGL provides you with two controls for designing forms. The OpenGLControl, which lets you do standard OpenGL drawing in a C# application, and the SceneControl, which does the same with added support for polygons/persistence/picking and more. The screenshot above shows the SceneControl in action, with the supplied 'SceneBuilder' application. The screenshot below shows some 'old fasioned' OpenGL drawing, with calls to 'glBegin' and 'glEnd' etc.

If you want to get OpenGL in your application quickly, there's no easier way. There are five example applications in the download that show you how to use some common features. The SharpGL Website also has a set of tutorials that is regularly updated - as well as support information.

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