Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New version of img(Rummager)

New Features

Binary, nearest-neighbor, one-dimensional automaton demo
The simplest type of cellular automaton is a binary, nearest-neighbor, one-dimensional automaton. Such automata were called "elementary cellular automata" by S. Wolfram, who has extensively studied their     amazing properties. There are 256 such automata, each of which can be indexed by a unique binary number whose decimal representation is known as the "rule" for the particular automaton.


2. A cellular automaton demo for the propagation of circular fronts. Read More 


A new method for visual multimedia content encryption using cellular automata. The encryption scheme is based on the application of an attribute of the CLF XOR filter, according to which the original content of a cellular neighborhood can be reconstructed following a predetermined number of repeated applications of the filter. The encryption is achieved using a key image of the same dimensions as the image being encrypted. This technique is accompanied by the one-time pad (OTP) encryption method, rendering the proposed method reasonably powerful, given the very large number of resultant potential security keys. The proposed method is further strengthened by the fact that the resulting encrypted image for a given key image is different each time, since its result depends on a random number generator.
A semi-blind source separation algorithm is used to decrypt the encrypted image. The result of the decryption is a loss-less representation of the encrypted image. Simulation results for grayscale and color images demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed encryption method.


4. Check for updates menu

New tab "Color Spaces"
6. New tab "Shape Features"
7. Get the image projections
8. Get the TSRD Descriptor
9. Find the connected components

img Retrieval
10. Reset Ground truth bug (X23226) Fixed
11. Preview the first 10 results as sliding show

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