Monday, February 15, 2010

Plink Art

Plink Art is an app for your mobile phone that lets you identify almost any work of art just by taking a photo of it.

Search for "PlinkArt" on the Android Market

demo 4

The coolest feature of Plink Art is instant art identification. Just snap a photo and if the painting is in our database our visual search system will recognise it and tell you all about it. Currently Plink knows about tens of thousands of famous paintings. Try it and you might be surprised!

demonstartion 1

Plink is great for exploring too. Browse by timeline, movement or gallery, or just hit random and let Plink surprise you.

demonstartion 2

When you find a painting you love, discuss it with others, share it with your friends, or order a print to hang on your wall.

demonstartion 3

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