Monday, March 14, 2011

New Version of img(Rummager)

Change log 2011-03-15 1.0.4090
img(retrieval) Tab
1. SURF descriptor is now supported in img(Rummager). The implementation was based on EMGU CV cross platform .Net wrapper.
2. TD-TREE for local descriptor matching
3. Visual words descriptor using SURF descriptor
4. Generate custom visual dictionaries
5. New fusion methods
  • Nanson Rule
  • Borda Count Min
  • Borda Count MAX
  • Fuzzy Ruled Based Fusion    *
  • Borda Pessimism  **
  • Borda Optimism    **
  • Borda Neutral        **
6.Generate Video Summaries    ***
7. Batch mode is up to 10 times faster
8. Fixed several bugs
9. Save batch mode results in TREC format - and use TRECFiles Evaluator to evaluate the results
10. Relevance Feedback is now working again
11. img(Finder) is now working again
* A novel, simple, and efficient method for rank-based late fusion of retrieval result-lists. The approach taken is rule-based, employs a fuzzy system, and does not require training data.
** M. Zarghami. Soft computing of the borda count by fuzzy linguistic quantifiers. Appl. Soft Comput., 11(1):1067–1073, 2011.
*** V. S. Kalogeiton, D. P. Papadopoulos, S. A. Chatzichristofis and Y. S. Boutalis, “A NOVEL VIDEO SUMMARIZATION METHOD BASED ON COMPACT COMPOSITE DESCRIPTORS AND FUZZY CLASSIFIER”, «1st International Conference for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Computer Engineering, Informatics, related Technologies and Applications», pp. 237-246, October 14 to 15, 2010, Patra, Greece.
Coming Soon:Sift Descriptor
Sift visual words
TOP-SURF descriptor
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