Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Version of img(Rummager)


Several Bugs Fixed

1. CCDs Late Fusion bug fixed

2. Mpeg 7 Late Fusion bug fixed

3. Color Histograms problem fixed (thanks to Oge Marques)

4. AutoCorrelogram problem fixed (thanks to Oge Marques)

5. Search from local folder problem fixed



New Features

6. Visual Words Search now supports several weight and normalization methods (8 new methods - using SMART)

7. Color Visual Words (CoViWo) – Alpha version

8. New methods for custom sized codebooks

9. New method for dynamically sized codebooks

10. New “Create index files” methods

11. SURF as well as CoViWo features are now saved in binary files (for faster retrieval)

12. XML files are now more compact

13. Batch mode is even faster

14. Select the number of the results for the TrecFiles (in batch mode) (for example - don't include the entire database but only the first 1000 results)

Please note that there is known bug with local features (SURF), Visual Words and Color Visual Words (CoViWo). If an image does NOT contain any points of interest, img(Rummager) crashes. This bug is because of EmguCV (probably the same problem appears when using OpenCV).

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