Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Information Retrieval Models: Foundations and Relationships

(New Book)

Information Retrieval Models: Foundations and Relationships

Thomas Roelleke, Queen Mary University of London

Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems

Paperback: 9781627050784 / $40.00 / £24.99

eBook ISBN: 9781627050791

July 2013, 163 pages

Information Retrieval (IR) models are a core component of IR research and IR systems. The past decade brought a consolidation of the family of IR models, which by 2000 consisted of relatively isolated views on TF-IDF (Term-Frequency times Inverse-Document-Frequency) as the weighting scheme in the vector-space model (VSM), the probabilistic relevance framework (PRF), the binary independence retrieval (BIR) model, BM25 (Best-Match Version 25, the main instantiation of the PRF/BIR), and language modelling (LM). Also, the early 2000s saw the arrival of divergence from randomness (DFR). Read More

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