Monday, March 2, 2009

HMMD color space

HMMD color space, is supported in MPEG-7. The hue has the same meaning as in the HSV space, and max and min are the maximum and image minimum among the R, G, and B values, respectively. The diff component is defined as the difference between max and min. Only three of the four components are sufficient to describe the HMMD space. This color space can be depicted using the double cone structure as shown in the figure. In the MPEG-7 core experiments for image retrieval, it was observed that the HMMD color space is very effective and compared favorably with the HSV color space. Note that the HMMD color space is a slight twist on the HSI color space, where the diff component is scaled by the intensity value.

HMMD color space in now implemented in img(Rummager)

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