Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The MIRFLICKR-25000 Image Collection

The new MIRFLICKR-25000 collection consists of 25000 images downloaded from the social photography site Flickr through its public API.

We are doing our best to make sure the image collection is going to be:

  • OPEN
    Access to the collection is simple and reliable, with image copyright clearly established. This is realized by selecting only images offered under the Creative Commons license. See the copyright section below.
    Images are also selected based on their high interestingness rating. As a result the image collection is representative for the domain of original and high-quality photography.
    In particular for the research community dedicated to improving image retrieval. We have collected the user-supplied image Flickr tags as well as the EXIF metadata and make it available in easy-to-access text files. Additionally we provide manual image annotations on the entire collection suitable for a variety of benchmarks.

MIRFLICKR-25000 is an evolving effort with many ideas for extension. So far the image collection, metadata and annotations can be downloaded below. If you enter your email address before downloading, we will keep you posted of the latest updates.


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