Monday, August 25, 2008

Server based real-time face detection in Flex

This post will demonstrate the feasability of face detection in web cam feeds grabbed by a flash/flex application. It’s inspired by a prototype of Martin Speelmans, informed by my work with Flash and web cams and my experiments with OpenCV. The basic premise is that a flex application running in a users browser grabs web cam shots, compresses them and sends them to a server. The server decompresses the picture, does face detection on it, and sends the result back to the client. All fast enough to give the user a relatively smooth experience. A fairly impressive Actionscript 3 face detection implementation exists, but my guess is that — barring a quantum leap in Adobe compiler technology — it’s gonna be a few years before fast, reliable Actionscript 3 face detection is feasible in Flash Player. Silverlight may be a different story, but it doesn’t support web cams yet.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ColR PickR

An online application showing a circular color chart out of which users can pick a descriptive color category, plus a specific color & brightness. The application then shows an according collection of Flickr color-matched images. see also tagged colors & flickrland visualization for similar conceptual approaches.

Flickr’s Most Interesting Photos

This new interactive mosaic, from my Coverpop website, shows the most interesting photos on Flickr, based on Flickr’s mysterious “interestingness” metric, which I assume has something to do with kittens and/or babies…
One thing I’ve noticed is that Flickr’s interesting photos tend to look compelling at very small (i.e. thumbnail) sizes, which makes sense, when you think about it. Fortunately, this quality also makes them good candidates for my mosaics.
There are some awesome photos to be seen here. Check ‘em out!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

img(Rummager) Update

New Stable Version 1.0.314 (12 Aug 2008)

New Features:
1.New Descriptor for Image Retrieval (Joint Composide Descriptor)
2.New Version Of CEDD and FCTH. Now with better ANMRR Results in several Databases. (Download the results)
3.Auto Descriptor Selector. Let img(Rummager select the proper descriptor for each image) - Beta4.
4.Img(Finder) is now embeded in img(Rummager)
5.New tutorials.
6.Tamura texture

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