Friday, December 14, 2007

Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate

Install Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate through Windows Update
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release Candidate (RC) is available through Windows Update.

Windows Vista SP1 RC requires the installation of either two or three prerequisite updates prior to installing the service pack itself. These prerequisite updates will be delivered to most users over Windows Update as part of regularly scheduled monthly updates prior to the release of the service pack. This will help ensure that reboots required by the prerequisite updates occur with other updates that require a reboot. However, because these prerequisite updates have not been released, installing Windows Vista SP1 RC will require 3 to 4 separate installations over Windows Update. Please note that the instructions below are primarily required for the RC installation and will not be required for most users using Windows Update to install the final Service Pack.

The prerequisite updates consist of two updates which service specific Windows components prior to the installation of the service pack and a third update which services the installation software built into Windows Vista. The following are the prerequisite updates.
KB935509 This updates is only required on Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate editions (which have Bitlocker capabilities). This update is required prior to installing KB938371, the second prerequisite update and is required to prevent potential loss of data on Bitlocker encrypted systems during updating.
KB938371 This update consists of fixes for several components (including the TrustedInstaller), increases the success rate for installing the service pack and enables the service pack to be uninstalled successfully.
KB937287 This is an update to the “Servicing Stack” or the Windows Vista component installer technologies built into Windows Vista. This update enables the built-in installer to properly and successfully install the service pack.

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