Friday, October 3, 2008


The MLDM´2009 conference is the sixth event in a series of Machine Learning and Data Mining meetings, initially organised as international workshops. The aim of MLDM´2009 is to bring together from all over the world researchers dealing with machine learning and data mining, in order to discuss the recent status of the research in the field and to direct its further developments.
Basic research papers as well as application papers are welcome. All kinds of applications are welcome, but special preference will be given to multimedia related applications, biomedical applications, and webmining. Paper submissions should be related but not limited to any of the following topics:

applications of clustering
applications in medicine
aspects of data mining
autoamtic semantic
annotation of media content
Bayesian models and methods
conceptional learning and clustering
case-based reasoning and learning
classification and interpretation of images,
text, video classification and model
estimation case-cased ... and more

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