Friday, December 12, 2008

Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2.4.0.0 Released!

With Multiple Image Resizer .NET, you can resize, add borders, add text, overlay images, crop, rotate and flip - with a few simple mouse clicks.
And what's more, Multiple Image Resizer .NET is FREE for personal and educational use! Commercial users of Multiple Image Resizer .NET should buy a commercial use license from us.
Multiple Image Resizer .NET also has a completely customisable user interface that you can arrange to suit yourself.
Have a look at the features page for more information about what Multiple Image Resizer .NET is capable of.

Latest News, 3rd December 2008:
The software has been updated to support the Greek language.
Multiple Image Resizer .NET's user interface now supports 14 different languages. If you would like to see the software in your own language then why not provide a translation - see the translate page for more information.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET Version is now available for download.

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Administrator said...

I found a free online image resizer called QuickResizer Image Resizer. If you are away from your PC and don't want to download any software, you can just use this online version for free. It's quick and it's easy to use.

You can also download their full version of QuickResizer image resizer if you want to resize multiple files in a folder with just a click of the mouse.