Sunday, March 1, 2009

Server-based OCR and PDF Conversion Solution

ABBYY Recognition Server 2.0 is a robust and powerful server-based OCR solution for automating document conversion processes across corporate departments and enterprises. It is designed for mid- to high-volume OCR processing. ABBYY Recognition Server can be used as both a turnkey solution and an integral part of document capture, document management, and back-end systems.

ABBYY Recognition Server is the ideal solution for:

Highly Accurate Recognition in 191 Languages
The award-winning ABBYY’s OCR technology delivers unprecedented recognition accuracy for any kind of documents.

Unattended Server-based Processing
Document conversion tasks are performed automatically on a server, during scheduled hours or round-the-clock.

Unmatched Scalability
With its ability to use resources of additional computers and CPUs during the processing, Recognition Server can convert virtually any volume of documents within the required timeframe. In addition, there is no need for complex system configuration – it takes just a few minutes to extend the processing power by plugging additional stations into the system.

Centralized Management
Recognition Server provides a remote management console as a central administration point for defining processing parameters, creating specific “workflows” for particular projects and managing recognition stations across the enterprise.

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