Wednesday, April 8, 2009

img(Rummager) Server Side is ready

Combine low level features with keywords. The server side part of the Img(Rummager) undertakes the execution of image retrieval based on Flickr keywords (tags) and creates XML index files containing the descriptors of these images.

When the user of the img(Rummager) client version selects the application server search, the img(Rummager) automatically connects to its server version and downloads an XML file with the available keywords. Thus far the application supports 100 keywords. The options appear in a drop down menu.

The user selects the desired keyword, preferred descriptor for the search, and imports a query image. The application downloads a second XML file containing the descriptors for 500 images tagged with the keyword specified by the user. It should be noted that images on Flickr are tagged by the users who have uploaded them. No image is stored on the user’s computer during the retrieval process.

If you are using version 2009-3-2 1.0.334+ of img(Rummager) you don't have to do anything. New features will be automatically appear in the application.

Here are some screenshots from the server side part of the img(Rummager) in action. Very special thanks to my students (and friends): Congeo, Eirini Crouse and to my colleague Kostantinos Ioannidis


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