Wednesday, November 11, 2009


International Conference on Medical Biometrics 28-30 June, 2010, Hong Kong

In the medical field, personal medical feature data, especially digital images, can be referred to as medical biometrics.

Such data are produced in ever-increasing quantities and used for diagnostics and therapy purposes. Medical biometric research aims to use personal medical features in different formats such as images, signals and other sources for solving medical problems and to provide high-performance services in medical field.

Medical biometric systems integrate multidisciplinary technologies in biology, medicine, electronics, computing, and statistics.

The importance of computer-aided diagnosis and therapy has drawn more and more attention worldwide and laid the foundation for the modern medicine with excellent potentials for promising applications such as telemedicine and web-based healthcare.

ICMB 2010 has an emphasis on efficient and effective medical biometric technologies and systems. It will provide a central forum for researchers, engineers and vendors from different disciplines to exchange most recent results, identify future directions and challenges, and initiate possible collaborative research and system development. This conference will significantly benefit

a large variety of audience from both academia and industry.

The topics to be addressed at ICMB 2010 will include, but are not limited to:

Medical device technologies:

- Digital sensor for signal detection

- Medical imaging devices

- Image reconstruction

Medical data processing and management:

- Medical information systems

- Medical data processing

- Medical information retrieval

Medical pattern recognition:

- Feature extraction and selection

- Feature matching and classification

- Decision theory

Medical biometric systems and applications:

- Computer-aided diagnosis

- Telemedicine systems

- Computerized Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Other applications

- System performance analysis

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