Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YouTube Statistics

Total videos uploaded as of March 17th 2008: 78.3 Million
Videos uploaded per day: over 200,000

A wildcard search on YouTube ("*") has given us the following "total results" (which approximates the total number of videos on YouTube)
January 28th 2008: 70 million
March 13th 2008: 77.4 million
March 17th 2008: 78.3 million
These numbers suggest that there are now at least150,000 and likely over 200,000 videos published everyday on YouTube.
The following statistics are derived from a *nearly* random sample of 232 videos on Wednesday, March 12th 2007.
Method: Every 2 hours, one of 8 researchers loaded the "Most Recent" videos on YouTube and analyzed the first 20 videos (the most recently added at that moment). This was done to eliminate the sampling bias of different times. Almost 20 videos were watched every 2 hours as they were uploaded to YouTube. 8 videos were blocked or removed before they could be viewed by the researchers, giving us the total of 232.
YouTube by Category: (Click here for a Tag Cloud Visualization)
Music: 19.8%
Entertainment: 19.0%
People & Blogs: 14.2%
Comedy: 13.4%
Sports: 6.9%
Education: 6.0%
Autos: 5.2%
Film: 4.7%
HowTo: 2.6%
News: 2.6%
Pets: 2.2%
Science: 2.2%
Travel: 1.3%
Most commonly used tags: (the following were the only tags used 4 or more times in the sample)
video, sexy, sex, music, rock, rap, funny, news, pop, dance, film, short, TV
Average Video Length: 2 minutes 46.17 seconds
Time it would take to view all of the material on YouTube (as of March 17th 2008):
412.3 years

Average Age of Uploader: 26.57
(note that this is not the average age of anybody who has ever uploaded a video, but the average age of active uploading)
Unambiguously User-Generated (amateur): 80.3%
Professional: 14.7%
Commercial Content Uploaded as percentage of Total Uploads: 4.7%
Vlogs Uploaded as percentage of Total Uploads: 4.7%
Percentage of videos that are probably in violation of copyright: 12%
Uploads by Country:
(Note: these statistics assume that upload traffic is consistent throughout a 24 hour period. For example the majority of YouTube videos are from the USA between 8pm - midnight CDT. If overall upload traffic is higher at this time than the early morning hours when USA percentage is low, then the USA may account for a higher percentage of total uploads. The reverse might also be true.)
USA: 34.5%
UK: 6.9%
Philippines: 3.9%
Turkey: 3.4%
Spain: 3.4%
Canada: 3.0%
Brazil: 3.0%
Germany: 2.6%
France: 2.6%
Mexico: 2.6%
Australia: 2.6%
Uploads by Language:
(same limitations as above for uploads by country apply here as well)
English: 48.1%
Spanish: 13.6%
Dutch: 3.9%
German: 2.9%
Portuguese: 2.9%

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