Sunday, April 18, 2010

MPEG Query Format (MPQF)

This web page contains informative material about the initiative of standardization of an MPEG Query Format (MPQF), [ISO/IEC 15938-12:2008] taking place within the MPEG context (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11). The definition of a unified language to accept and respond to requests for multimedia contents searches would facilitate repositories interoperability, allowing users experiencing aggregated services from various multimedia databases. Basically, MPQF is an XML-based query language that defines the format of queries and replies to be interchanged between clients and servers in a distributed multimedia information search-and-retrieval context. The two main benefits of standardizing such kind of language are 1) interoperability between parties (e.g. content providers, aggregators and user agents) and 2) platform independence; developers can write their applications involving multimedia queries independently of the database used, which fosters software reusability and maintainability.

MPQF became an ISO/IEC standard in December 2008.


The X Project multimedia search engine can be queried using an MPEG Query Format interface. In fact, parts of the software has been contributed to MPEG in the form of MPQF Reference Software. Now we offer an MPQF online demo based on the X Project.

Try the MPEG Query Format online demo here.

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