Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Icon Labeler

Icon Labeler is a system that was developed for the purposes of the diploma thesis entitled “Development of a semantic search system for Byzantine icons” authored by the undergraduate student N. Theofylaktos of DUTH under the supervision of the associate professor I. Boutalis.

This system aims at high-level feature extraction from Byzantine Icons. These features can be used to allow for ordering, searching and enhancing the existing ontology [1].

This system makes use of the existing methodology of Byzantine Iconography of Dionusios Fournas as well as widely used image processing techniques such as face recognition algorithms, noise reduction filters, edge enhancement and connected component extraction.

In order to extract the icon label, the Edge Histogram Descriptor of MPEG-7 is applied on each extracted character and its results are compared with a pre-constructed character database. Finally, optimization of the resulting labels is achieved through a spell-checking algorithm which compares each label with an extensive dictionary of saints names.


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