Thursday, January 13, 2011

CLEF 2011 - Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation

19–22 September 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for papers

We invite submissions for presentation at the CLEF2011 conference. We welcome submissions on all aspects of multilingual and multimodal information access evaluation and deployment. All submissions will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, importance, and clarity.


Relevant topics for the CLEF2011 conference include but are not limited to:

Novel methodologies for the design of evaluation tasks, especially user-centric ones;
Alternative methods for improving and automating ground-truth creation;
Task-oriented and easy to communicate metrics;
Innovative techniques for analysing experimental results, including statistical analyses, data mining, and information visualization;
Infrastructures for bringing automation and collaboration in the evaluation process;
Component-based evaluation approaches;
Analysis of the impact of multilingual/multicultural/multimodal differences on interface and search design;
Multilinguality and multimodality in relevant application communities – e.g. digital libraries, intellectual property, medical, music, and video domains – and social media.
Testing and evaluation of translation and summaries over documents and of linked documents in multilingual information retrieval;
Benefits of multilingual information retrieval methods for different user groups or in different use cases, including those relevant to the developing world
Economic impact/sustainability of multilingual and multimodal information approaches, evaluation methodologies, and deployed systems.

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