Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shine a mathematical spotlight on your street

Our cities are filled with buildings, roads, cars, buses, trains, bikes, parks and gardens. They are crisscrossed with power, water, sewage and transport systems. They are built by engineers, architects, planners, technologists, doctors, designers and artists. Our cities are shaped by our environment, our society and our culture. And each and every part is built on mathematics.

Join Marcus du Sautoy, mathematician, best-selling author, broadcaster and the Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, on a mathematical adventure in the city. Marcus and his team of mathemagicians are constructing walking tours of the city — but we need your help!

Enter our competition and shine a mathematical spotlight on your city. If you know a good location that tells a fun mathematical story — a piece of interesting architecture, a mathematical sculpture or the maths behind something more mundane, such as traffic lights — then enter our competition and tell us all about it.

Winning entries will become part of our virtual mathscape of cities around the world and will help Marcus and his team develop their walking tours. And of course — you can win great prizes! Including:

  • a year’s subscription to Nature, kindly provided by Nature Publishing Group;
  • best-selling popular science books, including the “Last word” series kindly provided byNew Scientist;
  • going down in mathematical history by naming a mathematical object;
  • and showcasing your entry with other finalists at an event in Oxford, and meeting Marcus and other mathematical explorers!

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