Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If You’re Happy and You Know It - Facebook will detect it

Facedotcom-featureDoes the internet know when you’re smiling? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course it, makers of a top notch facial recognition API, recently announced it was now capable of detecting the moods and expressions of people in photos it scans. Now, not only can the API tell who you are, it can say whether you were happy, sad, smiling, or even kissing. is the creator of the popular PhotoFinder andPhotoTagger apps on Facebook, so you may soon see that capability on the social network as well as among the 20,000 developers who use the API. In related news, Facebook (using its own software) has been automatically using facial recognition to tag photos you upload since December of last year. They’ve already prompted the use of such facial scanning 2.7 billion times in the past six months! Learn more about their push for automated tagging in the video below. Facial recognition has grown so sophisticated, and cheap, that it seems it will soon leave no photo untagged, no mood unrecorded. If that idea makes you uneasy, don’t worry, the social network of the future knows exactly how you feel.

Facebook quietly rolled out their in-house facial recognition (Photo-Tag Suggest) in the US last December, allowing users to tag their friends, teaching the social network who was who. Soon there after, Facebook could automatically suggest who was in each picture, making tagging quick and easy. It’s a pretty awesome feature, and as of early June it was available “in most countries.”On June 30th, Facebook announced it had prompted its 750 million active users 2.7 billion times to try the automated tagging process, often with the rather ambiguous box on your homepage labeled “Photos are better with friends.” Naturally some privacy activists groups are crying foul, worrying that although the Photo Tag Suggest only works on your friends Facebook is collecting huge amounts of data on our appearance. ABC News has more:

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