Monday, September 12, 2011

Job offer : engineer position in mutlimedia retrieval systems' evaluation

Position: research engineer.
Title: evaluation of content-based image and video document indexing systems
Duration: from 18 to 24 months.
Target starting date: 1st November 2011.
Location: Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble:
Team: Multimedia Information Indexing and Retrieval:
Salary: between 1900 and 2200 € net per month depending upon experience.
Contact: Georges Quénot (Researcher at CNRS, HDR),

In the context of the Quaero Programme (, the recruited person will:
* participate to the development or adaptation of image and video corpus annotation tools;
* manage the use of these tools by a team of annotators for the effective creation of annotated corpus;
* participate to the creation or adaptation of tools for the evaluation of content-based image and video document indexing systems;
* participate to the organization of evaluation campaigns for such systems;
* participate to the administrative management of the project.
Expected skills: Unix/Linux, Windows, C/C++, Java, XML, HTML/CGI.

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