Thursday, December 22, 2011

ClustTour By CERTH-ITI

ClustTour is a better way to search, discover and browse interesting city areas, POIs and events. Whether you are planning a trip or just want to check out how a place looks like, ClustTour offers a large collection of photos, maps and descriptions. You may wonder, what's new in this? ClustTour is not based on "official" guides and "experts" but on how people like you capture what is interesting everyday.

Key Features:
* Explore over 30 cities with new cities added regularly.
* Browse and search in areas, spots, POIs and events views.
* See groups of photos, descriptions and where they are on the map.
* The map interactively groups spots for easier browsing. Zoom in and
out to see more or less.
* Search the Web with a single tap to learn more about the spot you browse.
* Mark your favorites for easy review and sharing.
* Enjoy the most interesting spots in every city!

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How it works:
ClustTour applies advanced analysis technologies to large-scale anonymous user contributions to discover the most interesting locations and events. These range from famous landmarks, such as the Thessaloniki's White Tower, to events and activities like music concerts, shopping, bookcrossing and partying but also off-the-beaten-path spots, from hidden eateries to local artists collections. Every city area, POI and event is connected to informative photo groups, descriptions and search options when you want to learn more.
Everything in ClustTour is automatic. And when we say everything we mean everything! There is no human intervention in selecting areas, spots, events and photos. Well-tuned algorithms select what is most interesting based on people contributions. This way, sometimes, we might miss well-known landmarks (in any case you know where to find these) and some of the spots do not fully make sense but this way we find the hidden gems and we are sure that what ClustTour offers is what people and not what officials and experts think!

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