Monday, May 28, 2012

VIR tutorial by Oge Marques featuring Lire @ SIGIR 2012

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Dr. Oge MarquesDr. Oge Marques, author of the book Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB is giving a tutorial on Java based visual information retrieval at SIGIR 2012. Oge Marques is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University. He has been teaching and doing research on image and video processing for more than twenty years, in seven different countries.

In his tutorial, he presents an overview of visual information retrieval (VIR) concepts, techniques, algorithms, and applications. Several topics are supported by examples written in Java, using Lucene (an open-source Java-based indexing and search implementation) and LIRE (Lucene Image REtrieval), an open-source Java-based library for content-based image retrieval (CBIR) .

Read more & register on the SIGIR 2012 web page (as soon as it is updated).

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