Monday, June 4, 2012

An Egg-Boiling Fuzzy Logic Robot


Fuzzy Logic is a Computational Intelligence methodology, suitable for representing knowledge and deciding upon actions. In this video, we present the fundamental aspects of Fuzzy Logic as used in a fictional robotic household appliance. In specific, this video presents the engineering process of designing a machine that decides for how many minutes to boil an egg. In practice, achieving a desired level of taste, e.g. soft-boiled, depends on various parameters, such as the egg weight, the altitude and the initial egg temperature. In this video, the altitude and initial egg temperature are considered known.
The fuzzy logic system presented measures the crisp egg weight, while by using two membership functions, it computes the fuzzy values for "Small" and "Large" egg sizes. Two fuzzy rules are considered: If the egg size is "Small"("Large"), then boil for "Less"("More") than 5 minutes. Next, the "Less" and "More" fuzzy values are inferred, and finally, the proposed system makes a balanced decision between the two fuzzy values, in analogy to the centre-of-gravity method, in order to compute the actual boiling time.

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