Monday, October 8, 2012


The Information and Software Engineering Group at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology announces the availability of a 2-year post-doctoral position.
The position is associated to the MUCKE project, funded within the CHIST-ERA funding scheme of FP7, which fosters highly innovative and multidisciplinary collaborative projects in information and communication sciences and technologies. The project started in October 2012. Its main objective is to devise new and reliable knowledge extraction models designed for multilingual and multimodal data shared on social networks. More information on MUCKE:
The main task of the post-doc is to investigate and propose new models for user and result-list credibility. The aim is to provide the user of a multimedia search system with a list of results from reliable sources, together with an estimation of how reliable each source is, as well as how reliable the entire set of results is. Such reliability is to be understood from two orthogonal perspectives: First, the topical relatedness of the results (i.e. relevance). Second, the likelihood that the result, although topically relevant, is also accurate.
To approach this task, the post-doc must have strong mathematical background (preferably including statistics), as well as a fundamental understanding of Information Retrieval. Applicants with experience in NLP and/or Computer Logic will be favored.
The position is available from November 2012 and is open until filled.
For further information, please send an expression of interest to, attaching a CV.
== About our Group ==
The working group Information and Software Engineering is part of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems.
It covers the design and development of software and information systems in research and education.
The other groups cover E-Commerce, Business  Informatics, and Interactive Media Systems.
Both theoretical and engineering-like approaches to problem solving have equal balance in our research and educational work - leading to "real world problem solving".
The Group is situated in downtown Vienna, in an environment which brings together all aspects of student and academic life. The post-doc will be part of the Information Management & Processing lab,  which consists of researchers in text and music information retrieval, as well as in multimedia processing. The working language is English. A more detailed description of the IMP lab is available at

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