Monday, March 25, 2013

QUALINET Multimedia Databases

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A key for current and future developments in Quality of Experience resides in a rich and internationally recognized database of content of different sorts, and to share such a database with the scientific community at large. The QUALINET Database platform takes the necessary steps to make them accessible to all researchers: (registration is free of charge)



Currently, the QUALINET database comprises 122 multimedia databases, based on literature/Internet search and input from Qualinet partner laboratories. They're mostly image (~52) or video datasets (~68), with (~57) or w/o subjective quality rating, special content, e.g. 3D (~23), FV, eyetracking (~21), audio, audiovisual (~8), HDR, and other modalities.

The documentation of the QUALINET databases can be found on the corresponding Wiki page. For an overview, please consult the white paper on QUALINET databases (PDF) and please reference it as follows:

Karel Fliegel, Christian Timmerer, (eds.), “WG4 Databases White Paper v1.5: QUALINET Multimedia Database enabling QoE Evaluations and Benchmarking”, Prague/Klagenfurt, Czech Republic/Austria, Version 1.5, March 2013.

Finally, you're welcome to contribute to this effort, simply send an email and briefly describe your dataset [to subscribe, send an e-mail (its content is unimportant) to, you will receive information to confirm your subscription, and upon the acceptance of the moderator will be included in the mailing-list].

Additionally, you may consider submitting a dataset paper to QoMEX or MMSys which hosts dataset tracks and accepted dataset paper will be automatically included within the QUALINET database.

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