Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Luxand, Inc. in collaboration with Goldbar Ventures released a new application that helps children produce photos of themselves growing up. The new tool is called GrowMeUp. It’s based on Luxand’s years of experience developing biometric identification and morphing technologies.
You can license the technology used in this application for embedding in your own entertainment applications. Please reply to this email if you’re interested.
About GrowMeUp

Using GrowMeUp could not be made simpler (after all, the target audience is very young). The user will upload a picture containing their face, specify their gender and ethnicity, and choose among the many professions available. GrowMeUp will then automatically identify the face and its features, “grow it up” by applying Luxand’s proprietary aging technologies, and carefully embed the resulting “adult” face into a photo showing a working professional.
Kids will have a wide range of professions to choose from. GrowMeUp contains photos of the following persons: Astronaut, Chef, Doctor, Firefighter, Lawyer, Policeman, Musician, Teacher, Pilot, Soldier, and Model.

The app is available at Apple Store. The online version is also available to users without an iOS device at

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