Friday, February 7, 2014

GRire New Version 0.06

The GRire library is a light-weight but complete framework for implementing CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval) methods. It contains various image feature extractors, descriptors, classifiers, databases and other necessary tools. Currently, the main objective of the project is the implementation of BOVW (Bag of Visual Words) methods so, apart from the image analysis tools, it offers methods from the field of IR (Information Retrieval), e.g. weighting models such as SMART and Okapi, adjusted to meet the Image Retrieval perspective.
The purpose of the project is to help developers create and distribute their methods and test the performance of their BOVW systems in actual databases with minimum effort and without having to deal with every aspect of the model.


* Added file blacklisting functionality (through code only)
* "Thumbs.db" file of Windows is automatically blacklisted (caused exceptions before)
* Minor GUI fixes
* Converted doubles to floats -> Half disk size required ** NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE **
* Asynchronous loading of data in GUI
* Option for multithreaded operations
* Cache options available (via code only, not GUI yet)
* Fixed "TREC file remaining open" bug
* Minor GUI fixes

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