Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Following the success of events in Stresa, Italy 2004, Niagara Falls in Canada 2005, Minori in Italy 2006, Krakow in Poland 2007, Chania in Greece 2008, Shenzhen in China 2009, Thessaloniki in Greece 2010 Penang in Malaysia 2011, Manchester in the UK 2012, and the recent success in Beijing in China 2013, the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST 2014) and the IEEE International School of Imaging (ISI) will take place in Santorini Island, Greece.

Engineers, scientists and medical professionals from Industry, Government, Academia, and Medical Laboratories who want to maximize their technical and clinical skills in challenging areas and emerging frontiers of imaging and diagnostic device industry, can attend the IST Conference and the School (ISI) and interact with major worldwide experts.

The IST 2014 Conference and the International School of Imaging are two distinct events, taking place consecutively, and both addressing the following four areas:

  • Clinical diagnostics and theranostics devices and techniques 
  • Miniaturization of diagnostic devices and mass spectroscopy systems 
  • Electroluminescence, bioluminescence, and amplification fluorescence 
  • Biomarkers, proteomics, Imaging genomics, sequencing, and microfluidic chips 
  • Nanoscale materials, polymer nanostructures, nanophotonics, and nanomedicine 
  • Image processing and pattern recognition
  • Defense and space surveillance imaging technologies 
  • Advanced space instruments and satellite imaging 
  • Multilayered imaging technologies 
  • Bioinspired Imaging, robotics, guidance and control 
  • Image processing and pattern recognition
  • Semiconductor wafers, nanomaterials, composites, and corrosion 
  • Sensors and image acquisition 
  • Illumination architectures 
  • In-line inspection rapid, whole wafer defect detection 
  • Off-line inspection for defect review and failure analysis
  • Techniques for critical dimension (CD) and overlay metrology 
  • Automatic defect classification 
  • Pharmaceutical and food processing vision Inspection Systems 
  • Image processing and pattern recognition
  • Cameras, microscopy and displays 
  • Polarimetry, multispectral imaging 
  • Tomography (CT, SPECT, PET, ECT) 
  • Ultrasound and laser acoustics 
  • Multimodality Imaging 
  • Energy harvesting and imaging technologies 
  • Emerging imaging trends

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