Friday, October 12, 2007

Content Based Image Resizing

This post is actually only a copy of the one on the

"I’ve just uploaded a maintenance release. Biggest change is that the seam table is now re-used. Therefore computation is somewhat faster. I’ve also cleaned out the code and made more ‘readable’. Fell free to download and comment:
Java Webstart: ImageSeams
Download binaries & source v4 (Java Swing GUI App): (66K) or SeamCarving-v4.tar.bz2 (57k)
Download Windows binary (Java Swing GUI App with Windows launcher, Java 1.6 needed, 243k)
Other tools (stand alone, plugins, etc.) are reviewed for instance here. Seems like there is a “war of seam carving tools” going on. Many of those are closed source, perhaps some people are trying to make money selling old shoes The roadmap for this implementation is clear: If the following two constraints are met development is going on:
Someone (including me) needs some feature / performance upgrade or finds some bug
Someone (possibly me) finds some time to implement the feature / performance upgrade" - Mathias Lux

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