Friday, October 12, 2007

The coordinate logic filters (CLF)

The coordinate logic filters are very efficient in various 1D, 2D, or higher-dimensional digital signal processing applications, such as noise removal, magnification, opening, closing, skeletonization, and coding, as well as in edge detection, feature extraction, and fractal modeling. In this paper we present some typical image processing applications using coordinate logic filters. The key issue in the coordinate logic analysis of images is the method of fast successive filtering and managing of the residues. The desired processing is achieved by executing only direct logic operations among the pixels of the given image. Coordinate logic filters can be easily and quickly implemented using logic circuits or cellular automata; this is their primary advantage

Edge extraction in an image G can be achieved with CL filters using the difference of the original image G and the eroded image Geb , so that the edge detector is G - Geb .
A simple implementation can be found in img(Rummager) application.

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