Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Multimodal and Mobile Personal Image Retrieval: A User Study

These last months, I have been collaborating to a research project on Multimodal Information Retrieval of digital pictures collected through camera phones. Recently, one of the papers resuming the results of the research was presented at the International Workshop of Mobile Information Retrieval, held in conjunction with SIGIR in Singapore. Here goes the abstract and the URL to download the paper.
X. Anguera, N. Oliver, and M. Cherubini. Multimodal and mobile personal image retrieval: A user study. In K. L. Chan, editor, Prooceeding of the International Workshop on Mobile Information Retrieval (MobIR’08), pages 17–23, Singapore, 20-24 July 2008. [PDF]
Mobile phones have become multimedia devices. Therefore it is not uncommon to observe users capturing photos and videos on their mobile phones. As the amount of digital multimedia content expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to find specific images in the device. In this paper, we present our experience with MAMI, a mobile phone prototype that allows users to annotate and search for digital photos on their camera phone via speech input. MAMI is implemented as a mobile application that runs in real-time on the phone. Users can add speech annotations at the time of capturing photos or at a later time. Additional metadata is also stored with the photos, such as location, user identification, date and time of capture and image-based features. Users can search for photos in their personal repository by means of speech without the need of connectivity to a server. In this paper, we focus on our findings from a user study aimed at comparing the efficacy of the search and the ease-of-use and desirability of the MAMI prototype when compared to the standard image browser available on mobile phones today.

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