Thursday, November 13, 2008


TouchGraph lets you see how your friends are connected, and who has the most photos together.

The TouchGraph Facebook Browser shows connections between users based on friendships and common photo appearances.
Friendships are shown as dark gray lines, and common photo appearances are shown as a lighter gray line with a number in the center. The number indicates how many photos the two people appeared in together.
Personal vs. Friends social networks
* When launched from one's own profile, information about all of one's friends and their friendships is loaded.* When launched from another user's profile (Using the "TouchGraph Friends + Photos" link below their profile picture) only people tagged in their photos will appear in the graph.
One can not see another person's whole social network because Facebook only allows applications to get a list of one's own friends. For other users it is only possible to get a list of people that they appear in photos with. Perhaps Facebook's policy will change in the future.
The TouchGraph Facebook Browser determines the clusters/cliques to which one's Friends belong and uses different colors to show each clique. Cliques are characterized by having lots of friendships within a group of friends and few connections to members outside the group.
Friends are assigned a Rank so that one can reduce clutter by only showing a set of 'Top' friends. TouchGraph gives the highest rank to friends who are connectors between different cliques. Finding connecters involves a metric called Betweeness Centrality which is an established measure for a person's importance within a social network.

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