Friday, July 17, 2009

New version of img(Rummager)

List of Changes

1.New version of the Spatial Color Layout Descriptor
2.New (Final) version of the BTDH descriptor
3.New Fyzzy Linking System (HSV-8 bin linking histogram)

img Retrieval
4. New (Final) version of BTDH. This descriptor is now more compact - You have to re index your images.
5. New version of SpCD. This descriptor combines color and spatial color distribution information. The descriptors of this type can be used for image retrieval by using hand-drawn sketch queries, since this  descriptor captures the layout information of color feature.
6. Design Custom Search Method Bug (X23227) Fixed
7. EHD bug Fixed (Thanks to Mattia Broilo :) )

8. img(Paint.Anaktisi) uses the latest version of SpCD
9. img(Finder) uses the latest version of SpCD

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