Monday, August 3, 2009


5th International Symposium 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
Espace Saint Martin, Paris, France, May 17-20, 2010
This meeting presents new research ideas and results related to the capture, representation, compact storage, transmission, processing,  editing, optimization and visualization of 3D data. These topics span a number of research fields from applied mathematics, computer science, and engineering: computer vision, computer graphics, geometric modeling, signal and image processing, bioinformatics, and statistics. This symposium follows previous highly successful events in Padova 2002, Thessaloniki 2004, Chapel Hill 2006 and Atlanta 2008.

Scope of the Conference

Topics of interest include those listed below.
    - 3D scanning components, software, and systems
    - 3D view registration 
    - 3D photography algorithms
    - Multi-view geometry and calibration   
    - 3D shape retrieval and recognition
    - Shape and reflectance reconstruction
    - Surface reflectance recovery and modeling
    - Shape registration and similarity measures
    - Interpolation, smoothing, and feature extraction 
    - Shape analysis and morphology
    - Medial axis and segmentation 
    - Statistical analysis of families of shapes
    - Simplification and resampling of shapes with photometric data
    - Compression and transmission of still and dynamic 3D scenes   
    - Streaming and progressive refinements
    - 3D Video 
    - Image-based rendering and modeling
    - Man/Machine interaction with 3D data
    - Interactive visualization of complex scenes   
    - Multi-resolution rendering
    - Haptic sensors and new human-shape interaction modalities
    - Psychophysics of 3D sensing and haptics   
    - 3D printing and rapid prototyping
    - Augmented reality and virtual environments
    - 3D tele-immersion and remote collaboration
    - Architecture and urban modeling   
    - Medical and biomedical
    - Cultural heritage and forensic
    - Terrain modeling, archaeology, and GIS
    - 3D television and free-viewpoint video
    - Games and digital animations 
    - Design and reverse engineering
    - Manufacturing and inspection
    - Tourism and real estate   
    - Security and training   

Important dates

5pm GMT December 16, 2009: Submission of full paper
May 17-20, 2010: Conference

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