Sunday, September 27, 2009

New CCD descriptor

Fuzzy rule based scalable composite descriptor (BTDH) is a new descriptor that can be used for the indexing and retrieval of radiology medical images. This descriptor uses brightness and texture characteristics as well as the spatial distribution of these characteristics in one compact 1D vector. The most important characteristic of the proposed descriptor is that its size adapts according to the storage capabilities of the application that is using it. This characteristic renders the descriptor appropriate for use in large medical (or gray scale) image databases.
To extract the proposed descriptor, a two unit fuzzy system is used. To extract the brightness information, a fuzzy unit classifies the brightness values of the image's pixels into L_{Bright}  clusters. The cluster centers are calculated using the Gustafson Kessel Fuzzy Classifier.
The texture information embodied in the proposed descriptor comes from the Directionality histogram. This feature is part of the well known Tamura texture features. 
Fractal Scanning method through the Hilbert Curve or the Z-Grid method is used to capture the spatial distribution of brightness and texture information.

Seven approaches used in our experiments in order to evaluate the performance of this descriptor:

The approach displaying the best correlation between size and result is approach E5. Download the dll file and use the following source code to get the descriptor.

Bitmap ImageData = new Bitmap("c:/1.jpg");

double[] BTDHTable = new double[2048];

BTDH GetBTDH = new BTDH(16,8,true);



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MAP results on IRMA 2005 medical image database

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