Friday, September 11, 2009

SeMuDaTe2009 || Workshop on Semantic Multimedia Database Technologies

10th International Workshop of the Multimedia Metadata Community

Important dates:

September 7, 2009 September 22, 2009 Deadline for Workshop Papers

September 28, 2009 October 16, 2009 Notification of Acceptance

October 19, 2009 October 30, 2009 Camera-ready Workshop Papers due

General Information:
Ontology-based systems have been developed to structure content and support knowledge retrieval and management. Semantic multimedia data processing and indexing in ontology- based systems is usually done in several steps, one starts by enriching multimedia metadata with additional semantic information (possibly obtained by methods for bridging the semantic gap). Then, in order to structure data, a localized and domain specific ontology becomes necessary since the data has to be interpreted domain-specific. The annotations are stored in an ontology management system where they are kept for further processing. In this scope, Semantic Database Technologies are now applied to ensure reliable and secure access, efficient search, and effective storage and distribution for both multimedia metadata and data. Their services can be used to adapt multimedia to a given context based on multimedia metadata or even ontology information. Services automate cumbersome multimedia processing steps and enable ubiquitous intelligent adaptation. Both, database and automation support facilitate to ubiquitous use of multimedia in advanced applications.
We are searching for research contributions on the mapping and integration of multimedia metadata and ontologies into databases, on multimedia query languages, on the optimization and processing of semantic queries. Moreover, we are interested how multimedia data services are conceived to ensure interoperability, how to improve security and reliability of access and storage of multimedia data and metadata.
In addition, application papers showing concrete semantic multimedia database services (like, adaptation of multimedia, semantic enrichment of multimedia, and bridging of media breaks), as well as demonstrations on database technologies (like, mobile online image analysis and retrieval) are expected.
Topics of interest:

  • Multimedia metadata models and mappings to databases
  • Multimedia ontology and interoperability
  • Multimedia ontology to database mapping and processing
  • Multimedia query optimization and processing
  • Ontology query languages and multimedia
  • Semantic retrieval in multimedia databases
  • Database management: security, indexing, reliability, distribution, transactions
  • Indexing strategies for multimedia databases
  • Semantic enrichment and annotation of multimedia
  • Semantic metadata management
  • Uncertainty in multimedia databases
  • Human-computer interfaces for multimedia database access
  • Mobile multimedia database services
  • Context-aware multimedia
  • Semantic adaptation of multimedia
  • Proactive semantic multimedia delivery & distribution services
  • Self-organization in service oriented multimedia architectures
  • Semantic multimedia demonstrations and applications

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