Monday, October 5, 2009


iCanSee is the first application of its kind designed to turn any iPhone into a magnifying glass. iCanSee on-screen magnification controls even adapt to varied environmental situations including low-light. Once the application is launched, iPhone then magnifies anything held in front of it by as much as four times the original size, helping users read the fine print on labels, menus, contracts, books or other materials discreetly without the need for separate reading glasses. iCanSee is now available through Apple’s iTune app store.


“We’re extremely proud to launch iCanSee, a premier accessibility application for the iPhone,” explains Steven Diaz, founder of Espada Entertainment Inc. “Users have enjoyed not only the practicality but also the novelty of iCanSee, which has a quirky and offbeat appeal among younger users. Moving forward, we hope to reach many more untapped markets by fulfilling the need for both practical and entertainment-driven mobile phone applications.”

A graduate of Orlando’s FullSail University with honors in Software Engineering and Game Development, Mr. Diaz completed a rigorous academic curriculum and earned his Bachelor’s degree in just two years. He credits this accomplishment to hard work, a passion for his field of study along with the unyielding support of friends and family. Steven manages day-to-day operations at Espada Entertainment Inc., responsible for product development and technical direction.

Visit to learn more about Espada Entertainment and the iCanSee iPhone application.

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