Monday, October 26, 2009

Numenta Vision Toolkit

The Vision Toolkit allows you to create your own image recognition system using Numenta's HTM technology.
It's a powerful application that anyone can use.

Download Beta 2

Download The Vision Toolkit is free and runs on Windows and Mac OS X.
This is a beta release. Please read the tutorial to learn about the Toolkit and its current limitations.

Using the Vision Toolkit

Step 1: Collect images for training
If you want to distinguish chairs from sofas, find lots of chair and sofa pictures.
You can collect images quickly using the Toolkit's web search feature. 
Step 2: Train
Once you have enough images, click the Train button.
Step 3: Recognize new images
Import a new image, and the Toolkit will try to recognize its category.
For lots more information, see our tutorial and video.
You can upload your vision system to Numenta's free Web Services to share it online.
You can also use our API to incorporate image recognition into your web or mobile app (e.g. an iPhone game).

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