Sunday, February 14, 2010

Image Retrieval Prototype Development and Evaluation

Unit: Textual and Visual Pattern Analysis / Work Practice Technology

Proposers Tommaso Colombino
Luca Marchesotti

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Start Date: March / April 2010


Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) is currently developing advanced image retrieval prototypes that leverage different technologies for analyzing all visual aspects of and image namely: content, aesthetic and emotional value. The prototypes were developed within OMNIA (, a three year research project funded by the French government, and PinView (, a European Union funded project. The purpose of this internship, shared between the Work Practice Technology (WPT) and the Textual and Visual Pattern Analysis (TVPA) research groups is to port a version of one the image retrieval prototypes on a multi-touch table display and then participate in the conduct of a series of user preference and evaluation tests. The student will be involved both in the design and conduct of the tests, and in the subsequent analysis and presentation of the results.

The candidate should have knowledge of at least one of the following: flash/Flex, C#/.NET, or C++/C. Experience in the design and conduct of psychological experiments or Voice of Customer studies is not required but would be advantageous. The student should be fluent in French and have a good level of written English.

XRCE provides an informal and relaxed working environment situated in the Parc de Maupertuis in Meylan. The successful candidate will be given the freedom and flexibility to find their own solutions and to work in a way that suits them but will have the guidance and support of experienced full-time Xerox researchers and thereby gain an introduction to the field of commercial research in a world-class research laboratory.

About XRCE

The Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) is a young, dynamic research organization, which aims at creating innovative document technologies to support growth in Xerox content and document management services across the different Xerox businesses

XRCE: Château

XRCE is both a multicultural and multidisciplinary organization set in Grenoble, France. Our domains of research stretch from the social sciences to computing. We have renowned expertise in natural language applications, work practice studies, image-based document processing, distributed applications and knowledge management agents. The diversity of culture and disciplines at XRCE makes it an interesting and stimulating environment to work in, leading to often unexpected discoveries!

XRCE is part of the Xerox Innovation group made up of 800 researchers and engineers in four world-renowned research and technology centres. Xerox is an equal opportunity employer.

The Grenoble site is set in a park in the heart of the French Alps in a stunning location only a few kilometers from the city centre. The city of Grenoble has a large scientific community made up of national research institutes (CNRS, Universities, INRIA) and private industries. Stimulated also by the presence of a large student community, Grenoble has become a resolutely modern city, with a rich heritage and a vibrant cultural scene. It is a lively and cosmopolitan place, offering a host of leisure opportunities. Winter sports resorts just half an hour from campus and three natural parks at the city limits make running, skiing, trekking, climbing and paragliding easily available.
Grenoble is close to both the Swiss and Italian borders.

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