Sunday, February 14, 2010

Springer Open Choice

Springer operates a program called Springer Open Choice for the majority of its journals. Open Choice allows authors to decide how their articles are published in the leading and highly respected journals that Springer publishes.

Choosing open access means making your journal article freely available to everyone, everywhere in exchange for your payment of an open access publication fee.

If authors choose open access in the Springer Open Choice program, they will not be required to transfer their copyright. The final published version of all articles can be archived in institutional or funder repositories and can be made publicly accessible immediately. For PubMed Central we are happy to deposit the article’s full-text XML simultaneously with its publication.

Open access articles which are ordered through the Open Choice program are clearly identified as open access – in the article pdf and HTML, in the article metadata and in the article display at SpringerLink.

No matter which option you choose, all Springer articles are peer-reviewed, professionally and quickly produced, and available on SpringerLink. In addition, every article is registered in CrossRef and included in the appropriate Abstracting and Indexing services.

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