Friday, September 17, 2010

Image Processing: The Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Cover image for product 047074586XFollowing the success of the first edition, this thoroughly updated second edition of Image Processing: The Fundamentals will ensure that it remains the ideal text for anyone seeking an introduction to the essential concepts of image processing. New material includes image processing and colour, sine and cosine transforms, Independent Component Analysis (ICA), phase congruency and the monogenic signal and several other new topics. These updates are combined with coverage of classic topics in image processing, such as orthogonal transforms and image enhancement, making this a truly comprehensive text on the subject.

Key features:

  • Presents material at two levels of difficulty: the main text addresses the fundamental concepts and presents a broad view of image processing, whilst more advanced material is interleaved in boxes throughout the text, providing further reference for those who wish to examine each technique in depth.
  • Contains a large number of fully worked out examples.
  • Focuses on an understanding of how image processing methods work in practice.
  • Illustrates complex algorithms on a step-by-step basis, and lists not only the good practices but also identifies the pitfalls in each case.
  • Uses a clear question and answer structure.
  • Includes a CD containing the MATLAB code of the various examples and algorithms presented in the book. There is also an accompanying website with slides available for download for instructors as a teaching resource.

Image Processing: The Fundamentals, Second Edition is an ideal teaching resource for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It will also be of value to researchers of various disciplines from medicine to mathematics with a professional interest in image processing.,descCd-tableOfContents.html

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