Friday, August 19, 2011

Call for MS students of UCS Lab@SeoulTech-National, Korea (Supervisor: James. J. Park)

Ubiquitous Computing and Security (UCS) Research Lab ( is seeking for some active highly self-motivated full-time MS. students to conduct cutting-edge research in the area of Ubiquitous Computing, Security and Networks. UCS Lab is interested in several research topics in the follows;

1.Security field:
Ubiquitous Security: Home network, RFID, WSN Security
Security Protocol : Key management, Access Control, Authentication, privacy protection
Multimedia Security:  DRM, MPEG-21 IPMP
Digital Forensics and Computer Security
Smartphone and mobile computing Security
IT Convergence Security

2.Intelligent Applications and Services field:
Context Awareness, Smart Home, Ubi-Home, Smartphone/Mobile Services, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing

3. Network field:
Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Ad hoc Networks, Network Management, Internet Technology, High Speed Networks,

** This field researches will be co-worked with Network Lab (Supervisor: Prof. Kilhung Lee,
The students will be hired to join UCS Research Lab and work on some projects and FTRA( related works.

We are looking for candidates who meets the following requirements:
-TOPIK level 4 or 5 (
-bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE), extended CSE, or Applied Mathematics.
-outstanding programming skills: C, C++, java, etc.
-good communicative skills in English, both in speaking and in writing;
(**candidates from non-English speaking countries should be prepared to prove their English language skills**).

Support Program for MS. Students in UCS Lab@SeoulTech:
1.Schorship & Dormitory Support
1) The first semester: Both 1,500,000 KW and Dormitory (depend on review results).
2) Since the second semester:
    Both of them will be fully suppored according to academic achievements (score: 4.3/4.5).
    Only schorship (1,5000,000KW) will be supported according to academic achievements (score: 3.7/4.5).
2.Extra Supports: Depand on contributions in projects.
3.Incentive: Depend on publication performances.

For consideration, applications should be received by **Sept. 20, 2011**.
Interested candidates should submit to UCS Lab secretary (Mr.JS Park: by email the following:
  - Motivation letter.
  - Detailed curriculum vitae with Photo.
  - Research future plan.
  - proof of English language skills (if applicable).

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