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Script# brings productivity to Ajax and JavaScript development. Script# is a free tool that enables developers to author C# source code and subsequently compile it into regular script that works across all modern browsers, and in doing so, leverage the productivity and power of existing .NET tools as well as the Visual Studio IDE. Script# empowers you with a development methodology and approach that brings software engineering, long term maintainability and scalable development approaches for your Ajax applications, components and frameworks.

Script# is used extensively by developers within Microsoft building Ajax experiences in Windows Live, Office to name just a couple, as well as by a external developers and companies including Facebook. If you’re building Ajax-based RIA applications, you owe it to yourself to try Script# today and see if it can help improve your own Ajax development!


The Script# Project

Productivity and better tooling are primary motivators behind Script#. At the same time, a fundamental design tenet and driving philosophy behind the design of Script# is to produce script that resembles hand-written script that is aware and faithful to the script runtime environment found in browsers. Specifically the compiler does not introduce unnecessary layers of abstraction or indirection. The idea is you’re simply writing script in a better and pragmatic way, rather than trying to port a .NET application to the browser, which is more likely to produce impractical results.

Script# allows programming against the DHTML DOM APIs and JavaScript APIs, as well as Silverlight 1.0 script API. The compiler itself isn’t coupled to any one particular framework. You can use Script# to program against Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax as well as other 3rd party frameworks such as ExtJS (via Ext#). At the same time, the compiler is complemented by an optional ScriptFX framework, which is a small framework built using Script# itself. Finally, if you have existing scripts, they can be imported and then used from new C# code so you don’t have to rewrite everything from scratch to start using Script#.

Scripts generated using Script# are honest-to-goodness plain old JavaScript files, that you can freely deploy into your applications, and there is no runtime dependency on the Script# compiler. This is further explained in the Understanding Script#page. You will need .NET 2.0+ and/or Visual Studio on your development machine. You can also use Visual C# Express which is available for free.

Script# is an evolving project, but is quite mature and ready for use in real-world projects such as those listed in the showcase. Script# is being used both internally within Microsoft as well as external applications. It was first released in May 2006 (introductory blog post). Over the course of the last two+ years, it has been regularly updated with new features and bug fixed based on actual usage and feedback from developers like you. You can read about the latest release on the release historypage. Please do continue sending any feedback on Script# that you might have.

The content on this site will be updated periodically to include additional concepts and tutorials. Please subscribe to the Script# feed to stay up-to-date or check this page often.

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