Friday, January 13, 2012

3D Photo Ring HD Update v2.3

3D Photo Ring is an iOS app that shows your photos in an interactive three-dimensional arrangement including a color sorting feature. The app also provides an interactive slideshow and can display EXIF meta-data.

Now, a new update has been released, which integrates lots of improvements:
  • Autorotate support
  • Pinch for zooming
  • Color sorting significantly improved
  • Loading of photos more than 2 times faster
  • Aspect ratio problems fixed
  • Switching photos (fullscreen mode) by device tilt
  • Sensibility of rotation speed configurable in settings
  • Persistent storage of settings
  • Automatic rotation of ring on demand
  • Automatic check for changes in photo library on startup
  • Several bugfixes

The iPad version of the app (3D Photo Ring HD) is currently available at half the price.

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