Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mobile Visual Search (MVS)

An amazing presentation by Oge Marques!!!!

Watch the (full length !!! ) video here:



Mobile Visual Search (MVS) is a fascinating research field with many open challenges and opportunities which have the potential to impact the way we organize, annotate, and retrieve visual data (images and videos) using mobile devices. This talk is structured in four parts:

(i) MVS — opportunities: where I present recent and relevant numbers of the mobile computing market, particularly in the field of photography apps, social networks, and mobile search.

(ii) Basic concepts: where I explain the basic MVS pipeline and discuss the three main MVS scenarios and associated challenges.

(iii) Advanced technical details: where I explain technical aspects of feature extraction, indexing, descriptor matching, and geometric verification, discuss the state of the art in these fields, and comment on open problems and research opportunities.

(iv) Examples and applications: where I show recent and significant examples of academic research (e.g., Stanford Product Search System) and commercial apps (e.g., Google Goggles, oMoby, kooaba) in this field.

Great stuff professor Marques, thanks for sharing

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Oge Marques said...

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing my presentation with the readers of your blog, Savvas.